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Eyelash Extensions - Spa Services

Event Lashes - $150 (75 mins)

Extension Removal - $50 (60 mins)

Eyelash Extensions - $300 (2-3 hours)

The Healthiest Lash Extension System on the Market. We individually bond the extensions one lash at a time, to achieve a beautiful natural look that will surely get your eyes noticed! Many different lengths and curls available, your lash technician will help you decide what will look and fit your eyes the best! We recommend coming in for a replenish about every 3 weeks to keep your lashes looking their fullest. Upon your monthly visit, we will replace any loss that you have had due to your own lash life and natural shedding cycle. Prices of replenishes will vary depending on the condition of your lashes when you come in... but usually costs approximately $70 monthly. Any replenishes longer than 5-6 weeks will be subject to the charge of a full new set depending on the percentage of lash loss. Further questions feel free to give us a call and ask for Becky or Melissa! Read More...

Full Set Volume - $400 (3 hours)

Full Set Volume / Classic Blend - $350 (2.5 hours)

Replenish 40 min - $50 (40 mins)

Replenish 60 min - $75 (60 mins)

Replenish 75 mins - $85 (75 mins)

Volume Replenish - $95 (90 mins)

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